Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm Back, and so is Scrabulous!

Hey all.

Then blogging break extended further, but I'm emerging from the darkness to note that Scrabulous is back as Lexulous. It's currently at 38,000 DAU.

As many of you know, Hasbro dropped their lawsuit against Scrabulous a couple of weeks ago.

Will Scrabulous/Lexulous get back its 600,000+ DAU? Doubtful. It's much harder to stand out from the noise on the Facebook platform nowadays.

I'm guessing that it'll hit 100,000 DAU by March 15. That's a total gut call. It's still the best Scrabble game on Facebook, it'll get much of its audience back.

However, the gameplay has been altered slightly. The scoring squares are in different locations. You get eight tiles instead of 7. Those are the two I noticed at a quick glance. There's likely to be more differences

Whatever, I'm happy for Rajat and Jayant. They built an awesome game and people can enjoy it again.