Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Good News for the Games Industry Week: UK Edition

According to UK market research firm Verdict, videogames sales will outpace music and video sales in the UK this year. Sales of videogames is expected to grow 42%, to $7.5 billion, while sales of music and video combined will total $7.06 billion. (Thanks Digital Media Wire!)

Big trend: videogames sales have doubled over the past five years.

Hmm...so videogames are bigger than music and video combined.

There are some nuances here to extract.

1. Those projections include consoles sales. However, according the Entertainment Retailers Association, even taking that into account, videogames will still surpass video sales.

2. These projections only account for retail sales, so revenue from online games subscriptions and microtransactions are not counted.

Videogames are big people, aren't you glad you chose the right industry to be in during a recession. :)