Monday, October 6, 2008

Two Conferences Coming Up in San Fran: Virtual Goods Summit (Oct.10) and SNAP Summit (Oct.28)

I used to hate conferences, I thought of them as a big waste of money to hear things I already knew.

However, I was wrong. Some of my current best friends are people I met at conferences in the last year. And A LOT of the insights and data that I rely on for my posts come from notes taken while listening to panels.

So here's two conferences in which you might be interested:


Virtual Goods Summit: October 10th.

Why you should go: Lots of great panelists sharing lots of great data about virtual goods for your amazing business plan. Honestly, virtual goods is among the hottest things in games and the Valley in general, I have no doubt it'll be valuable to attend.

The Panelists:

  • Andrew Chen, Futuristic Play
  • Daniel James, Three Rings
  • Karl Mehta, Playspan
  • Amy Jo Kim, Shufflebrain
  • David King, Lil Green Patch
  • David Perry, Acclaim
  • Andrew Schneider, Live Gamer
  • Nabeel Hyatt, Conduit Labs
  • Sean Ryan, Meez
  • Lee Clancy, IMVU
  • Adam Caplan, Super Rewards
  • Shervin Pishevar, SGN
  • Brian Balfour, Viximo
  • Anu Shukla, OfferPal Media
  • Lee Crawford, TwoFish
  • Matt Mihaly, Sparkplay Media
  • Tim Pechmann, GMG Entertainment
  • Paul Thind, Habbo
  • Gene Hoffmann, Vindicia
  • Andrew Trader, Zynga
  • Susan Wu, Ohai

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SNAP Summit: October 28th.

Why you should go: Offerpal talking about how to successful integrate virtual currency into your app. Knowing the SNAP organizers, I can guarantee it'll be more than just a sales pitch for Offerpal. And Mark Pincus, CEO of Zynga will be talking as well. They've opened up their agenda for suggestions, so if they're some aspect of developing for a social network you want to hear more about, let them know here. If you want to hear me speak, there's your chance. :)

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