Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oberon Media Gets 20 Million Investment; and US AND European Games Investment Compilations

Oberon Media, a casual games distribution company, just announced a 20 million dollars investment from Infinity I-China Fund for expansion into the Chinese market.

According to the Infinity I-China Fund, the Chinese games market has
$2B in annual sales and 50 million users. I've heard it was bigger.

And if you're looking for funding, keep in mine that the credit crisis isn't affecting the Japanese, Chinese, or oil-rich Gulf states. Perhaps, it's time to look abroad for funding. Anyone know any overseas early-stage funds? Seriously, put them in the comments.

Nearly complete compilations of game company fundings.

Last week, two bloggers released compilations of games company fundings. One focused on the US, and one focused on Europe. Even I did a brief list of recent fundings.

Note: I'm postphoning my How to Make a Successful Game post until next week. Since the Virtual Goods Summit is Friday, I want to spend the rest of the week focused on virtual goods issues.