Thursday, September 11, 2008

Zynga Relaunches their Company Blog, and a Quick Rundown of Other Social Gaming Blogs

A couple days ago, Zynga relaunched their company blog ( with an intention of taking a broader look at the social gaming industry beyond product releases.

At least that's what my friend Scott Jon Siegel tells me. He's a game designer over at Zynga and has a game design column over at the Escapist. (He also owes me a guest blog post.)

Honestly, I'm looking most forward to more posts from Bing Gordon, former head of EA and current investor and operating director over at Zynga. (Bing, you can guest post over here anytime.)

Anyway, the news gives me an opportunity to let you know about some other company blogs:

SGN ( Social games company. Updated monthly with information. Started out a blog aimed at developers in the SGN network. Most recent post was an overview of the explosive growth in the social games industry written by CEO Shervin Pishevar.

Playfish ( Social games company. Updated monthly (or a little more frequently). New product releases and industry perspectives. All written by CEO Kristian Segerstrale.

Mytopia ( Social and mobile games company. Updated monthly. Company news and personal insights about gameplay from co-founder Galia Ben-Artzi.

Three Rings ( Casual MMO developer. CEO Daniel James' blog. Rarely updated, but always amusing.

Sparkplay ( Casual MMO developer. CEO Matt Mihaly's blog. Frequently updated with thoughts on games, politics, whatever is getting Matt excited. ( Casual games social network. Updated weekly with game release news, company news, and thoughts on games.

That's off the top of my head. If you have a company blog and you're a social games company (casual MMOs included, give me a heads-up - maybe I'll create a blogroll.)