Thursday, September 18, 2008

SGN expands into iPhone games.

Yesterday, Techcrunch broke the story that SGN has released a new game for the iPhone called iGolf. (I guess I shouldn't have unsubscribed from Techcrunch a couple months ago - oh well.)

Based on the video on Techcrunch, the game looks pretty awesome. You swing your phone to hit the ball. Like the Wii, the iPhone's accelerometer detects your swing and translate the motion into the game.

Developing iPhone games is a smart move for SGN and they've executed it well, creating a truly innovative game. And wisely, they've made it free.

Hopefully, we'll eventually see some games that tie the iPhone experience back into the social networks, taking advantage of the direct monetization possibilities of the iPhone's App store and the viral mechanisms of the socnets.

Just imagine if your high scores on iGolf showed up in the Facebook newsfeed. Or if you could play 18 holes against your Facebook friends (asynchronously, of course). Now, I'm getting excited.