Friday, September 12, 2008

Is Myspace Finally a Equal to Facebook for App Developers?

A few months ago, Myspace opened up their platform to app developers. Many Facebook app developers excited poured onto the new platform, hoping to strike gold.

They were disappointed. Apps simply did not spread fast on Myspace.

Things have changed.

Since then Myspace has improved their invite system, allowing apps to spread rapidly. Blake Commagere, creators of the Monsters apps (Zombies, Vampires, etc.) has seen his traffic increase 30-40x since implementing invites on Myspace. Thanks Blake!

Recently Offerpal, a monetization service for app developers reported that 50% of their revenue comes from apps on Myspace. Many of those apps are games from Zynga.

Traffic+ Money = Joy!

Looks like developers trying to decide whether to focus on Facebook or Myspace will have a much harder time of it.