Wednesday, September 17, 2008

27% of Teens Play Games With People They Are Connected With on The Internet, and Other Choice Nuggets From the Pew Report on Teens and Videogames

Every once in a while the Pew Internet and Life Project releases a report on some facet of Internet Use. Yesterday they released a report called Teens, Videogames, and Civics. You all will only be interested in the first two.

The following tidbits are exceptionally relevant to social games.

  • 27% of Teens Play Games With People They Are Connected With on The Internet(could easily be restated as 27% of teens play social games.
  • 76% of teens play games in a social context (others in the room or connected online)
  • 50% of teens played a videogame yesterday
Online Play: Friends vs. Non-Friends
  • 47% of teens who play games online play with their offline friends
  • 27% of teens play with people they met first online
  • 23% of teens play with both
For You Iphone Game Devs
  • 48% of teens use a cellphone or handheld organizer to play games
Social Networks
  • 46% of teens that communicate with friends daily uses social network messaging vs 27% who communicate via IM. Social network messaging is second only to talking on a cellphone (50%).
Virtual Worlds
  • 10% of teens play in virtual worlds
Girls like Puzzle Games - the Casual Games Industry was Right! :)
  • 87% of girls play puzzle games
I could continue, there's A LOT of info in this report. The stats on popular genre are pretty interesting. Maybe on Friday.