Saturday, August 16, 2008 has an Awesome Article About Social Gaming.

Yesterday, Winda Benedetti, MSNBC.COM's Citizen Gamer columnist wrote an article about social games. It does a great job of explaining social games to the mainstream reader, so if you're have a problem explaining to your mom what you do for a living, send her over to Winda's article.

Of course, I'm super biased, since she quoted me three times in the article.

But since I'm only half an egomaniac (which just makes me a maniac), I'll pull a quote from Blake Commagere instead of myself:

Trying to figure out what kind of gameplay is going to be fun in this new setting is one of them(problems), Commagere says. Plus, he and others point out that Facebook and MySpace are constantly evolving and changing.

“By virtue of the fact that those Web sites aren’t done you’re never going to be done either,” he says.

The constant changes to the platform are really a huge burden on developers, especially the indie guys who work from their bedroom. Though, I doubt that'll change anytime soon.