Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Iphone Game, Super Monkey Ball, Makes $3 Million

According to the WSJ (via Techcrunch), Sega's Iphone game, Super Monkey Ball, made $3 million in the first month from the Iphone App store. $3 million a month is a revenue rate that crushes any social game company. What's even more impressive is that this one game accounted for 10% of all App store revenue.

Right now, people are still accustomed to paying for content on mobile. Take advantage of it while you can. I'm 100% sure that a year from now, most Iphone apps will be free, the most popular apps will be games, and that the mobile ad infrastructure will be 100x better than it is now because of it. Ultimately, I think when all the dust clears, mobile CPMs will end up A LOT higher than social networking CPMs.

If I was a pureplay game dev, I'd be building games for the Iphone right now (while you can still make money) and release them later on Facebook for free.

Of course, the best move is having mobile games that interact with your Facebook games in some way. Keep your player engaged when they are at home and on the go.

Check out a video of Super Monkey Ball below: