Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fewer Americans Buy Virtual Goods, but Once they Do...

...they buy a lot more. That's according to OGPlanet, an importer of Korean online free-to-play games. Here's the full quote snapped from Venturebeat last week.

So far, things are going pretty good, the company says. “The percentage of buyers of [virtual goods] is a lot lower than in Asia,” it tells VentureWire, which reports that the company is profitable and has raised an undisclosed third round of funding from DFJ Athena.

“[B]ut another significant difference with Asia is once [Americans] become a buyer, they buy a lot more than Asian buyers.” Ah, yes. American consumerism kicking into action.
Evidently, OGPlanet is profitable, which bodes well for all you kids trying to make your millions on virtual items.