Thursday, August 21, 2008

Core iPhone Demographic and Hardcore Games Demographic are the Same

Obviously, the demographics of the platform should be a huge factor when you're designing games for any new platform. Let's look at the iPhone.

According to Stephen Saiz of mDisney, the core demographic for the iPhone are males 24-35. Right now, only 3% of tweens and teens have iPhones.

So don't build any games for kids.

As you might know from being a student of the traditional games industry (or if you read the title of this post), males 24-35 are the hardcore gamer demographic.

So build something violent. And charge a lot for it.

If I were a game designer for the iPhone, I'd probably build a clone of Dynasty Warriors Advance, it's a button-mashing fight game with an overhead view. Perfect for a mobile screen. Here's a video: