Monday, July 7, 2008

Social Gaming Chart: Bored, yet?


Wow, this chart going to get boring soon, same ten games, slightly difference order.

That in itself is interesting. Apparently, no new game that has been released in the last few weeks has gotten enough traction to reach the top of the charts.

The big boys, SGN and Zynga, have been extremely quiet. Neither have released any new games that have entered my radar (on Facebook, at least). Sorry, except one. SGN did release a game similar to the party game Scattergories that I think has interesting possibilities (probably post about it soon).

Meanwhile, (Lil) Green Patch has risen to be the third most popular game on Facebook. And I'm still not completely convinced its a game. I suspect they are retaining users better since that added an arcade of Flash games to their app. Included is the game Bloons which has been shown to be crazy popular in just about every place it pops up.

Mob Wars also saw pretty amazing growth. 14% in 2 weeks. I predict that Mob Wars will reach #3 sooner than later. However, I don't see Friends For Sale! or Owned leaving the top slots any time soon.