Monday, June 30, 2008

More Engaging: Facebook or Myspace?

More Engaging: Facebook or Myspace?

One would think with the more robust app ecosystem on Facebook that Facebook would have the more engaging site. But the numbers say no. However, I thought the numbers might be skewed in the favor of Myspace since it has more total U.S. users than Facebook, so I calculated the average time spent on each site, and Myspace still easily bested Facebook.

Average Time Spent per user May 2008 (in minutes)
Myspace: 281.80
Facebook: 165.59

For comparison, here are some other socnets:

MyYearbook: 155.31
Blackplanet: 114.34
Bebo: 100.59
Friendster: 74.1
Hi5: 72.4
Livejournal: 48.86 12.35

None of the socnets come close to casual gaming site,, whose users average 819.77 minutes on site per month. Tomorrow, I'll break down the major games sites from the Top 200 with commentary.