Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kristian Segerstrale, CEO of Playfish talks about the Iphone as a gaming platform

Kristian and I have been exchanging emails and I've been bugging him to write about the differences between developing mobile games and developing social games.

He decided to talk about doing both at the same time for the Iphone. Check out his post over on the Playfish blog.

He believes mobile is the future of mass-market games and I agree. The really interesting stuff is going to start happening when people discover how to combine mobile with social games.

They are a few companies working on that, and Playfish is in an excellent position to crack that nut. Other contenders: Mytopia (saw their demo recently, and I was very impressed. They've accomplished what we were trying to do at Tenuki, so naturally I think they'll be huge), and Cellufun (they don't have a presence on the socnets yet, but they have some multiplayer titles with game mechanics similar to the first wave of social games on Facebook).