Friday, April 25, 2008

Possible Funding for the creators of Friends For Sale clone, Owned.

With Serious Business, getting a $4 million dollar round on the strength of their game, Friends For Sale, it seemed someone should look into their clone, Owned!, a game whose userbase of 600,000+ DAU equals Friends For Sale.

Unlike Serious Business, whose CEO, Siqi Chen is a popular speaker at tech events out here in the Bay Area, coolapps, the makers of Owned keep a extremely low profile.

Turns out that coolapps is a subsidiary of Insider Guides, Inc, the parent company of, a social networking site for high schools that gets ~3 million unique visitors a month.

This is a similar relationship SGN had to its parent company,, a free website creator, before spinning off and becoming a standalone company.

With the social gaming space still white hot, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw coolapps being spun off from its parent company as well. At ~600,000 DAU, coolapps has the same amount of traffic as SGN had back in December when it was peaking (well before SGN's recent acquisitions that provided the recent boost in users).

One advantage that coolapps has over many other game developers is that their games are featured prominently (upper left quadrant of the homepage - it doesn't get more prominent than that) of, providing them with exclusive access to an audience of 3 million users monthly.

A current audience of 600,000 DAU and exclusive access to a userbase of 3 million other users, I imagine that could be worth a few million in funding, my guess ~6-8.