Monday, June 18, 2007

A Boy and His Avatar

From the New York Times:

NAME Jason Rowe BORN 1974 OCCUPATION None LOCATION Crosby, Tex. AVATAR NAME Rurouni Kenshin AVATAR CREATED 2003 GAME PLAYED Star Wars Galaxies HOURS PER WEEK IN-GAME 80 CHARACTER TYPE Human marksman, rifleman SPECIAL ABILITIES Ranged weapon specialization

I'm a pretty cynical bastard, but for whatever reason this picture made me cry.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Best Networking Event Ever!: Labor vs. Capital Dodgeball

Networking events are generally pretty prosaic, unless someone spikes the orange juice. Even then, the most excitement you can hope for is a term sheet(*yawn*). And even then you not getting a t-shirt, unless you're willing to acquiesce to full-ratchet dilution.

Well, that was all true until last Friday, when Hunter Walk, Noah Kagan, and Dave Hornik launched the 1st annual Labor vs. Capital Dodgeball Tournament. I'll admit I didn't network much, unless pelting a VC with a dodgeball counts...

Video embedded below. If you make it to the five minute mark, you'll see me shouting "hold on to your balls". Not exactly the quote I'll want to be remembered for.