Friday, May 11, 2007

How to Pick a Good Lawyer.

I have no fricking clue. I wish I did. I tried to find out, I really did. I asked around, posted to forums, did a google search. I even visited the websites of some law firms, and that was pretty painful.

Here's the piece of advice that resulted of my inquiries: if you find a lawyer that you like, then hire him. I guess, it's difficult to find a likeable lawyer?

Unfortunately, I had the opposite problem, I've found too many likeable lawyers. And I blame Noah Kagan and Tony Chung. Those jerks put together a networking event called LawYours last night at the Spago in Palo Alto. Check out if you want more details, maybe they'll do it again. For all you blogosphere groupies out there, Michael Arrington gave a brief talk, and you missed it. If you don't know who Michael Arrington is then you're probably not looking for a tech startup lawyer.

So, I spent the night rubbing up against lawyers from the Valley's finest firms, and without fail, they were personable and smart. The freely flowing Chardonnay may have helped with that. Regardless, it's going to be hard to pick one. I'm staring at a stack of business cards right now. *sigh*