Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Digg Who?

So I'm looking through the program for a play that a friend of mine is in and in the special thanks section, I see listed Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson. Interesting, I think, Digg is sponsoring blackbox theater production in SoMa. So I point this out to my two friends, a girl who does enterprise software sales, and a guy who teaches English. Neither has even heard of Digg, let alone Kevin Rose. Nor were they interested in what Digg offered. BTW, Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson are the founders of Digg.com, a news aggregator where people submit and vote on new stories.

And again, I'm reminded the huge gap between Silicon Valley's perception of itself and its impact on most people's lives. No matter how many cover stories a company like Digg receives, it's still not going to be relevant to the way most people live. I think this applies to most Web 2.0 companies, as well. Facebook excepted.

Some people may ask, how is an online game company relevant to people lives? That's easy: everybody like to have fun. People have been playing games since the dawn of man, they're not about to stop now.