Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How Much Money do You need to Create an MMO?

As the resident financial projection guy at Tenuki, I have spent a lot more time than I'd like thinking about this question. Weeks, in fact. And now, just as I have finally refined my development budget to silky smooth perfection, Brian "Psychochild" Green posts a pretty accurate accounting of the numbers for the development phase of an MMO (at least if you have a small, tight team of programmers). If he would have posted this in December he could have saved me from a Christmas Eve sitting at my parent's kitchen table poring over spreadsheets. On the plus side, Santa brought me an HP 12c financial calculator.

BTW, Brian also edited a very good book on the business of game development. Eventually, I'll review it here, but then again I say that about all the books I read.