Friday, March 2, 2007

The Suckiness of Stealth Mode

Okay, so I'll admit it's pretty ironic that the founder of a company in stealth-mode blogs everyday about the experience of running the stealth-mode company. It's pretty fun being cryptic about what we do. Example: we're a early-stage non-traditional games company with a focus on socialization. See, it's almost as bad as corporatespeak. From that description, I couldn't even tell you exactly what we're doing.

I'm going the Game Developer's Conference next week, where I'll meet countless interesting people in the games industry who inevitably are going to ask me about Tenuki. And I can't tell them. I'm going to have to fumble through vague explanations. Toss out the phrase "stealth-mode" a couple hundred times. Or flat out lie.

All options that suck. I want to share the Tenuki vision. Seduce database engineers. Get feedback from the braintrust of the industry. Frighten young children.

Honestly, if I meet Will Wright (creator of all things Sim), I'm just going to have to tell him about us. Right after, I beg for a beta copy of Spore.

Further Reading:
Jeremy Liew over at Lightspeed Venture Partners has a good analysis of the pros and cons of being in stealth mode. At the moment, I'm a big believer in the cons.