Friday, March 2, 2007

Games Industry Stock Tracker

I added a games industry stock tracker widget to my blog. I was inspired to do this by the new games industry stock tracker at GigaGamez, which I didn't care for. GigaGamez's stock tracker included a bunch of companies whose core businesses were not games. For example, they include Sony, Microsoft, and Time Warner in their tracker. The games division in each of these companies is minor compared to their larger businesses. If you're looking for trends, it seems to me that a tracker that includes only pureplay games companies will be more useful. so that's what I created. Unfortunately, I had to leave Nintendo out because it trades over-the-counter(OTC) and the Yahoo! Finance widget doesn't track OTC, yet.

My tracker includes:

Electronic Arts(ERTS) the giant games publisher.
Take2 Interactive(TTWO), the publisher of Grand Theft Auto, among other titles.
THQ(THQI), another large publisher
Shanda(SNDA), a huge operator of MMOs in China.
The9(NCTY), another operator of MMOs in China, especially World of Warcraft.
Gamestop(GME), the largest US games retailer, which also owns the EBGames retail chain.
Atari(ATAR), a subsidiary of Infogrames, a French games company.

Obviously, there are a lot of important games companies missing, but that's because either they are owned by a giant conglomerate, as Blizzard is owned by Vivendi; or they are privately held companies. Or I just forgot to include them. If so, let me know.