Saturday, February 17, 2007

Track the Release of New Games via GigaGamez

For what John and I are doing, it helps to keep abreast of game industry trends. Generally, I rely on Gamasutra and GameDaily Biz News to keep me up-to-date. Often times, I find the amount of information that provide me to be a little much.

So I really appreciate GigaGamez summarizing the new game releases coming out for the quarter in one or two digestible articles. At the moment they don't appear to be covering new casual game releases, which is fine, because there is at least one casual game a day being released, and since they are mostly clones of existing titles, I don't think it's important to track.

When it comes to casual games, it is more informative to track the best sellers, and does an amazing job at that.

Anyway, props to Jason McMaster over at GigaGamez and James C. Smith over at for consolidating this info for lazy bastards like me.