Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sacrificing to the Startup Gods

Well, kids, being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. I just made my first sacrifice to the startup gods.

I’ve read a lot of books on entrepreneurship. They all talk about the personal cost of starting your own company. Most of the stuff they talk about, giving up a career, neglecting your kids, losing your life savings, don’t matter much to me. I hated my career. I don’t have kids. And since I don’t like spending money on meaningless objects, I can earn back my savings pretty quickly. I only had one vector for the startup gods to attack: my relationship with my girlfriend.

I moved to San Francisco on Dec.1 to start Tenuki with John. My girlfriend remained in DC to finish school; she has another year and a half, so it wasn’t like she was headed out here any time soon. We have been together over three years and were on the marriage path. We never fight and we’re always happy. It’s an amazing thing.

She broke up with me this morning. She couldn’t handle the long distance thing. I felt it coming. I knew it might happen when I left. But I didn’t think it would.

It did. So if any VC asks me if I have skin in the game, well, I sacrificed the woman I was going to marry on the altar of the startup gods. I hope that’s enough.

Root for me, kids. I really need this.